We first met with Ms. Estevez when we were planning a move to St. Augustine from Philadelphia within two years. We purchased some property in a then-undeveloped area, and a small home as well, both of which she later helped us sell; then she helped us find and purchase our dream house. Nancy's advice was helpful and her professionalism made all three transactions easy. - Dorothy

We first met Nancy Estevez as a real-estate agent who assisted us with our first home purchase in St. Augustine. This relationship evolved into very good friends and an outstanding/dependable RE agent who has assisted us with the sale and purchase of five different properties over the years. Her professionalism helped guide us through each real estate transaction as effortlessly as possible. She is and will be our agent as long as we reside in the St. John's area. - Lee

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help. Originally the idea of trying to sell property from 1000+ miles away was uncomfortable for me. Your marketing efforts as well as the monthly reports informing me how many people looked at the property each week quickly put me at ease. In addition, once you found a buyer, negotiating the price and expediting the paper work moved smoothly. I couldn't have been more pleased. Your recommendations for a title company to complete the closing also proved to be a great decision. I found them to be fast and professional also. If my own staff here in NJ was as capable and professional as you, I'd be able to spend more time in Florida. Thank you again! - Steve

Nancy's the most knowledgeable Realtor we know and she has assisted us in buying and selling multiple properties in the St. Augustine area. Nancy always provides the best advice and helped us achieve our real estate investment goals. We come to her seeking advice even on real estate transactions we have pursued in central Florida and South Georgia. She always comes through for us. - Bob & Peggy

Just a note to thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided when I was looking for a home in St. Augustine. You went above and beyond and were extremely patient with me. I would highly recommend you to other buyers and sellers. - Pam

The hard part of a realtor’s job should be trying to help a picky client find the perfect house, right? Once that’s done the contract and closing might be complicated, but should be easy. In our case, Nancy’s job should have been even easier.We’d spotted the house we were interested in online and, given its location, condition and price point, we were “sold.” We made an offer, there was the usual bit of back and forth but, within a few days, we had a deal. That’s where things got complicated. The owner of the house passed away about three years before the sale and her estate had multiple heirs. Twelve in fact. In order to properly secure title on the house, sign-off from all heirs was required by the title insurer. Twelve heirs. Who live in different parts of Texas. It fell to Nancy to work with the executor of the will to track down each of these heirs and have them sign and return the paperwork, all within the 30-day contract period and all, of course, happening around the 2011/2012 holiday season. Nancy patiently and thoroughly managed the whole process, including getting an extension on the contract when some of the heirs turned out to be particularly difficult to track down. By March, we had a lovely house in Lincolnville. - Stephen

“Nancy is an outstanding realtor! She made the buying process very smooth and kept things moving quickly through to the final sale. We appreciate her always being available to meet our needs right away and to go over and above to make sure we were completely satisfied through the process. Her knowledge and commitment to her work was instrumental in our successful home purchase. We couldn’t be happier!” - Landria and Ricky

Nancy and I met in 2005 when I was visiting friends who had advised me to come to Saint Augustine before deciding where to settle in Florida. Living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I had no idea what kind of home I was looking for. I was debating between settling in the USA permanently or buying an inexpensive condo to use on a regular basis. If I were to give up my apartment in Amsterdam would I move into an apartment building with lots of facilities, a gated or deeded community or a neighborhood and house that met my needs? Would I own my home or buy into a condominium. Did I really want to live in St. Augustine? Nancy was very relaxed about my indecisiveness and took me shopping for a home. Mostly at that time ones that would suffice while maintaining my apartment in the Netherlands.2006 was the year I decided I was going to sell my apartment and take up domicile in Florida. In the second round of house shopping, Nancy had helped me make a lot of decisions. Officially moving back to the USA in 2007, I rented a little apartment while we house shopped. Always listening to my comments, discussing the conditions in the housing market, advising me on the things I should be thinking about, Nancy was zooming in on what I needed, wanted and when I wanted it. I bought a house in the gated community that I had truly fallen in love with, a house that was what I wanted, for a good price. I bought in 2008 and have been seeking Nancy’s advise on all kinds of things ever since. I was amazed at her patience, perseverance, businesslike approach and the efficiency with which she guided me through the search process that led to the house I live in. Nancy gave me confidence that when I found what I thought was the right house, it would become my home. - Margaret

Nancy has assisted us in the purchase of two houses and the sale of one in the St Augustine area.We are always amazed at her wealth of knowledge about the real estate market in the area and her ease in dealing with the legal issues involved with a purchase or sale. We believe her greatest asset is her ability to understand clients needs and problems and negotiate with all parties involved in such a way to satisfy everyone. She is a true professional in every way and we are happy to consider her our friend as well as our agent. - Pete and Charlene