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Your home purchase is a very personal experience and you need a REALTOR who works for YOU.  The realtor should listen to your needs and wants and show YOU property that meets your criteria. Your REALTOR should be flexible enough to help guide YOU through the process. Sometimes as YOU are looking for property, original ideas are tossed out because YOU realize when you are looking for a home that your original ideas are not really what YOU want in a home.

I am a single agent and my brokerage feels this is quite important to a homebuyer. Being a single agent means I work for YOU, the buyer. I represent YOU in the transaction.  I have a fiduciary responsibility to YOU.  There is a huge difference in working with a single agent vs. a transaction broker agent. Please choose wisely. Also see my Q&A: Buying Your Home and Q&A: Investing in Real Estate and Q&A: Mortgages and Q&A: Owning a Home

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There are two questions I ask prospective purchasers: 

1. What do you want in a house?

2.  What do you need in a house? 

Sometimes the answers get confused. For instance, you need heat, air conditioning, laundry room and bathroom. You want a formal dining room, covered patio, pool and a three car garage. Be prepared to distinguish needs from wants. Start with your ideal home that includes everything on the list that you want. Then work backwards and while taking off items that you do not have to have, put them on another list. This way I can look for the ideal home but not discard the other great values in homes that just might fit your personal needs. Start your research with my Picking Your Community page or Purchasing Condos.

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If you would like a house-hunting checklist, please request one here and I will send one to you. 

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